Golden Star World Records Forum is the authority which works through a process of authentication within a particular system to find such achievement which belongs to only one person in the world – an incredible feat. These type of achievements are formally known as Globally Recognized Achievements. Golden Star World Records Forum works to find these types of achievers around the world and to publish their achievements on our International Records Database website as well as in our annual edition published. People from different countries are applying for their records to be verified by us because of our systematic and fine process of certification and authentication. The content published by Golden Star World Records Forum is for reaching out to Potential people for encouraging them to display their hidden talent globally. Our basic intention is to bring extra-ordinary out of ordinary people and showcase their talent to the open world. We provide this opportunity to every achievement holder to show and get their achievement recognized by Golden Star World Records Forum.

The initiative was taken in November 2009 as a Golden Star World Records Forum. It then gained reputation and recognition with implausible velocity to become the leading authority for world records around the World. Golden Star World Records Forum is beyond doubt a global company. We have office in India, and agencies and legislative body across the world. We’re proud to have a talented team that flag down from all around the world. Golden Star World Records Forum organizes an Annual event  every year to give the awards and certification to the record holders those are registered with the Golden Star World Records Forum and for those want to register their achievements with Golden Star World Records Forum. In this event we invite record holders from all over the world to perform their feats live in the event to get their achievements certified by Golden Star World Records Forum.

The response generated in the very first year owing to our systematic process of authentication has earned best reputation world wide. Right now we are receiving thousands of applications from the claimants to records from different countries.

The claimants can apply for registering their records by filling the Record Application Form. In regular process that takes about two months to review an application. On other hand if anybody wants speedy process he/she can apply via Express Mode Services, which processes their claim within 4 working days. On our Website claimants can search record categories. Anyone can break the existing one or they can apply for the new one if not on our database. To create record and submit the achievement, claimant needs to download the application form and e-mail us at After receiving the application, we send the confirmation e-mail after verifying and reviewing the claim. If the claimants choose the Express Mode Services option, we will get in touch within 4 working days with our response which may be positive or negative, depending on the claim. If the claimants did not choose Express Mode Services, we will in touch within 2 months.

A Claimant, if so desires can seek our representative for his event and the request for the same can be made through our website. All requests are considered on an individual basis, and the claimant has to incur costs such as airfares, accommodation etc. for the representative. Claimants need to apply as early as his application for the record is accepted. It is not generally necessary for our adjudicators to attend events. If claimants want to get the record verification on the spot then they can invite a Judge to their attempt. It will include some cost according to the location, city, state or country. To invite a judge, first need is to fill the Application form and send us via email and claimant then will receive a confirmation email with our answer. After that he may contact us via the Premium Services Form with subject (Invite A Judge) and fill the detail of the event to receive further guidelines for conducting their record breaking event.

DISCLAIMER : “Golden Star World Records Forum” exists for a noble cause. The content published here is for reaching out to Potential people for encouraging them to display their hidden talent globally. The information provided is unique by our best efforts and may resemble to certain entities due to similar nature of Record Breaking.

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Golden Star World Records Forum is not obligated to designate world record status to any submission as the decision is based on their belief in supporting evidence and /or relevance of their claim. Golden Star World Records Forum policy try to find records that are reproducible, breakable and based on skill. Freak, strange and unusual anomalies are not world records. Stunts involving luck or uncontrolled danger should not be submitted.