The claimants can apply for registering their records by filling the Online Record submission Form. In regular  process  that  takes about two months to review an application. On other hand if anybody  wants  speedy  process  he/she  can  apply  via  Express  Mode  Services,  which processes  their  claim  within 4 working days. On our Website claimants  can  search  record categories. Anyone can break the existing one or they can apply for the new one if not on our database. To  create  record and submit the achievement, claimant needs to submit Online Record Submission Form with  the  proposed  “Title” of  the  record.  After receiving the application request from claimant,  we  send  the  confirmation  e-mail  after verifying  and  reviewing  the  claim  with  our  response  which  may be positive or negative, depending on the claim.

Once  you  have  received  the document “Record Application Form”, this means that your proposal has been put on to  our  systems. The first thing is to read, sign and post the entire Record Application Form to us. Once you have done this, you must wait for our response. Please do NOT send anything further until we request it.  Once  we  have received your Record Application Form, an email will be sent to acknowledge receipt of this and your application will be activated on our systems.